Tenafly Psychiatric Associates, LLC

and The Integrative Holistic Wellness & Serenity Center
at Tenafly Psychiatric Associates, LLC.

A Private Practice of Psychiatry & Geriatric Psychiatry.
2 Dean Drive, Tenafly, NJ 07670  |  (201) 568-8288
Your serenity and privacy are our priority.

Locations & Directions

Tenafly Psychiatric Associates, LLC
2 Dean Drive, Tenafly, NJ 07670

   Tel: (201) 568-8288
   Fax: (201) 568-8105
   Email Us: info@wellnessandserenity.com
*This email address meets the security compliance for HIPAA patient PHI (Protected Health Information).

Dr. Friedman’s Upper West Side Satellite Office:
310 West 72nd Street, Suite 1F,
New York, New York 10023
(At the head of Riverside Drive)

Tel: (212) 877-3999
Fax: (201) 568-8105

Dr. Friedman’s Upper East Side Satellite Office:
440 East 79th Street, Suite 1E,
New York, New York 10075
(Between 1st and York)

Tel: (212) 877-3999
Fax: (201) 568-8105

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In addition to the practice in Tenafly and Dr. Friedman's Manhattan offices in the Upper West and Upper East sides of New York, we also see patients at about thirty additional locations throughout the Northeastern New Jersey and neighboring New York areas.


Do you have any questions or comments about our services? We would love to know what you think. Contact us for more information.


Tenafly Psychiatric Associates, L.L.C.
2 Dean Drive, Tenafly, New Jersey, 07670
Tel: (201) 568-8288  |  Fax: (201) 568-8105
Email: info@wellnessandserenity.com*
*This email address complies with HIPAA Patient PHI.

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