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A Private Practice of Psychiatry & Geriatric Psychiatry.
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Therapy and Treatments:

Private Practice of all areas of General and Geriatric Psychiatry including modalities of therapy and treatments for:

Depression, sadness, loss of interest & mood issues, anxiety & panic, post traumatic stress, excessive worrying, sleep problems, stress at work or school and workplace issues of all forms, appetite and weight loss/gain issues, loneliness, lack of serenity and balance, racing thoughts, smoking cessation, fearfulness, family issues of all kinds, marital & relationship issues of all kinds, Parent - Child issues, PMS, Post-Partum Depression & Women's Health, Men's Health, OCD, addictions & impulsivity, fears & paranoias, Bipolar issues, hopelessness, adjustment, ADHD, loss and bereavement, Later life issues, Memory testing, evaluation and examination for specific forms of dementias of all sorts including correctible forms, Treatments to help protect cognition and slow down the progress of dementia and its complications which may include depression & anxiety & fearfulness & paranoia with behavioral disturbances in the context of confusion, Learning to cope with and accept issues related to the senior years for seniors and for their children and caregivers, coping with medical problems and adjusting in a healthy way to moves into assisted livings, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers and facilitation of resident's ability to thrive properly in such environments.

Private visits with patients in their own environment at Assisted Living, Independent Living, Nursing Home, Hospital Step-down and Rehabilitation facilities.


In addition to the practice in Tenafly and Dr. Friedman's Manhattan offices in the Upper West and Upper East sides of New York, we also see patients at about thirty additional locations throughout the Northeastern New Jersey and neighboring New York areas.


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